credit card relief programNeed Assistance With Credit Card Debt?

Credit Card Relief Program – If you are someone who finds yourself struggling with credit card debt, you can take some solace in that you are not alone. Nearly 47% of U.S. adult Americans currently have credit card debt, a number that continues to increase annually. Credit card debt is a sign of poor fiscal health as a result of unsustainable consumer spending habits, whether it is a behavioral condition of living beyond your means or by necessity due to unemployment.

Fortunately for those who struggle with credit card debt, there are credit card relief programs out there that can help those get back on their feet. These programs are focused on consumer credit card relief to get people back on their feet and in control of their credit card debt. These programs will review both how to eliminate unsustainable spending habits through credit card debt counseling as well as approaches towards credit card consolidation or even credit card debt settlement. There are many options tailored to your needs.

National Pay Day Relief recommends you visit Consumer Credit Card Relief, a reliable credit card relief company dedicated in helping clients address all their credit card needs with their credit card relief program. Our goal is to provide all the resources needed so you can get your credit card debt under control and focus on better spending habits as well as pay as you go approach to eliminating your total debt. Here are more detail about some of the core components of the credit card relief program.

Credit Card Debt Counseling

The first crucial step to resolving dangerous credit levels is to attack the current behaviors. Consumer debt can be a great leveraging tool but those who over leverage themselves can be put in an extremely dangerous situation. Not only does it take away your cash flow but carrying over more debt than you can pay off is subject to high-interest rates that eat away at your bottom line. Even those who feel they have no choice but to take on credit card debt do not realize that there are better avenues other than swiping their cards. We believe that the solutions are working on creative ways to boost income and working to develop budgets that are within your means while meeting your critical needs.

Some Of The Best Resources Made Available Today Are:

Organization Of Debt Pay-Down Structure

Credit Card Consolidation

Managing Finances & Family Assistance

Credit Card Debt Settlement


If you find that your consumer debt is a result of horrible spending habits and not necessarily an income problem, our subsidiary will work with you to garnish control of your habits. We will help you illustrate needs vs wants, as well as work with you to understand how budgeting works and how to create a budget that caters to your daily needs and wants. Step one to credit card relief is stopping the bleeding of an unsustainable spending pattern. Step two is then to help you figure out what existing resources are available to eliminate your credit card debt.

Organization Of Debt Pay-Down Structure

When you work with us, we will take a strong look at all your financial records, so we can understand how much in debt you are, and what the path of resistance will look like. Different types of credit card debts carry different terms, rates, and penalties, and so understanding all this along with your balance can guide us in the right direction. Sometimes the best method is to just organize debts either by smallest to largest in terms of principle, or smallest to largest in terms of interest rates.

The Two Debt Pay-Down Methods Are:

Snow Avalanche Method 

Tackle Debts From Highest Interest Rate To Smallest Interest Rate To Minimize Total Cost Of Interest

Snowball Method

Tackle Debts From Smallest To Largest To Achieve Gains Early & Free Up Cash Flow To Tackle Larger Debts More Aggressively Later On
◊ Depending on your ability to tackle these debts, you will be given an effective plan of attack ◊


Consolidating Credit Card Debt

Often, another recommended strategy is credit card consolidation. Credit Card Debt Consolidation is about taking those who have many credit balances and converting them into one or a few accounts. This usually enables people to be more focused in their attempt to pay down their debts. We find that people who only must make one or few payments a month feel more control than those who must constantly make several payments a month. With that comes payment dates and balances all over the place and makes you more likely to miss or be late on a payment, especially if you are finding yourself living paycheck to paycheck.

Their Credit Card Relief Program subsidiary will help you team up with a lender who will likely either consolidate your payments onto one card balance with a fixed interest rate or maybe even a balance transfer that can have a low to no interest rate if you pay it down in less than two years. We also recommend you work with a non-profit as opposed to a private industry standard. Non-profits are generally more favorable and flexible terms as their goal is not to profit off your misfortune but rather afford you the flexibility you really need during these difficult times.

Personal Loans & Family Member Assistance

Another strategy may be to take out a personal loan. Credit cards generally have interest rates well over 20 percent, however, if you consolidate your debts into a personal loan, you can have interest rates in the low teens, maybe even single digits. Seeing more of your money go towards principal as opposed to interest may allow you to feel more accomplished in your journey to being debt-free.

Alternatively, we can also work with you and your family members or loved ones about exploring the possibility of them helping you with your debt. A lot of times family members may be willing to pay off some or all your balances and ask that you pay them back with low or no interest, and more flexible terms. With many companies, flexibility is hampered by policy, but those who care about you may offer the best terms if you pay them back.

Credit Card Debt Settlement

Unfortunately for some people, their debts are so large that the best avenue towards achieving consumer credit card relief may be to discuss credit card debt settlement. While it may seem worthwhile to try to erase your debt, we usually do not recommend this method except for those that desperately need it. Credit Card Debt Settlement is a huge blemish on your credit history and can follow you for a long time. It hampers your ability to qualify for car loans or mortgages and destroys any leverage you might have in the future towards navigating affordable interest rates.

credit card debt relief

Credit card debt settlements are only recommended for those whose minimum card payments combined exceed their take-home pay. But for some people who are in really bad debt, we urge them to obtain a debt settlement to help them get back into a manageable situation. This situation means having a structured settlement that enables them to get debt down to a level so that they pay back debt and still have enough income for their basic needs.

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If you are one of many people who suffer from unsustainable credit card debt, visit Consumer Credit Card Relief to tackle all your credit card debts. CCCR’s goal to deliver individuals with an effective credit card relief solutions that will turn your life around to gain financial stability and tips to help acquire wealth instead of debt. Our credit card relief program is the best industry solution out there that is flexible for any customer that comes through our doors, so do not be afraid to reach out to us today. Do not tackle this alone, reach out to CCCR today and utilize their effective credit card relief program so they can eliminate all your debt!

“Our credit card relief programs will focus on a proven plan for those who need debt settlements, and make sure it delivered in a structure that can help you move forward and that you are comfortable. Our end goal is your end goal, to get yourself out of debt with an opportunity to move forward with your life and get those debt collectors off your back” – CCCR