How Payday Loan Consolidation Can Help You Get Out of Debt

You have found yourself in payday loan debt and can’t seem to find your way out.  What do you do? There is payday loan help that can assist in getting you out of debt.  We have sure fire ways to help you get out of debt and consolidate your payday loans the easiest way possible.  What are our magical ways you ask? Well, let us begin!

If your obligations outweigh your means it may be time to ask for some help.  Are many bills each month flooding your mailbox, but you see your available funds depleting at the speed of light?  Did an emergency happen that you weren’t prepared for set you back in paying your payday loan? Don’t you worry. There is payday loan help for you.

How Do You Consolidate Payday Loans?

You have found yourself in payday loan debt and can’t seem to find your way out.  What do you do? There is payday loan help that can assist in getting you out of debt.  We have sure fire ways to help you get out of debt and consolidate your payday loans the easiest way possible.  What are our magical ways you ask? Well, let us begin!

If your obligations outweigh your means it may be time to ask for some help.  Are many bills each month flooding your mailbox, but you see your available funds depleting at the speed of light?  Did an emergency happen that you weren’t prepared for set you back in paying your payday loan? Don’t you worry. There is payday loan help for you. Payday loans are borrowed through two ways; going into an actual location and borrowing online.  Consolidation works better for online loans rather than actual retail locations but don’t count yourself out yet.  We have an approach that can give you the payday loan help you need. Here is the process in which you must follow to get yourself out of payday loan debt as quickly as possible.

Add Up Your Debt Amount

There are calculators on the internet that can help you figure out exactly the amount of loans, whether payday loans or unsecured debts. Unsecured debts are loans that there is no collateral attached to the actual loan. A great example of a secured loan is using a mortgage as collateral for the loan. Secured loans cannot be consolidated.

How Does Payday Loan Relief Help Me Out Of Debt?

There are tactics that a payday loan relief company can use that you may be unaware of that can get lower interest rates on certain payday loans. Not only can they negotiate your interest, sometimes they can reduce your payment fees for being late or even eliminate them completely.

Find A Monthly Payment That Works For You

The payday loan consolidation programs help you find a budget that is right for you.  It is within your best interest to leave enough for you to pay for your necessities but the more you can pay the faster you will get out of payday loan debt.

Refiguring A Payment Plan With Your Payday Loan Creditors

When you consolidate your payday loans a representative of the company will negotiate a repayment plan with your lenders that work for both you and the creditors in which you borrowed the debt.

What About Your Loans In Collections?

There are steps that need to be taken when starting the payday loan consolidation program to eliminate all debts, even the ones that have been reported to your credit bureaus.  You must do your part to move the process along faster.

  • Verify the Statute of Limitations of the Debt
  • Validate your Debts by Sending A Debt Validation Letter
  • Consolidate your Payday Loans with a Professional

So, you have validated your debt and know that what is reported is what you owe the next step you should take is calling your payday loan consolidation company to get out of debt as quickly as you can.  Once the three steps that are listed above are taken care of the next part is left to your payday loan relief representative. This is when negotiations start. You don’t have to do anything. You are now being represented by the company and all communication between you and your lenders stop.  No more harassing calls, no more hiding from your lenders.

When your statute of limitations expires your debt collectors can’t take you to court and garnish wages, but you still have the obligation of paying your loans.  You have an option of sending a cease and desist letter for the phone calls where legally your collectors can no longer harass you for the debts. Your payday loan consolidation company helps you with this step.  Through payday loan help, through consolidation or settlement, your consolidation agency will guide you through the process since your statute of limitations will renew once payments are made. Many companies offer legal assistance alongside your repayment program.

What Are The Benefits Of Payday Loan Relief?

There are many benefits to payday loan consolidation that make it a great option for borrowers of have high balances of debts.  Some of these include:

  • Interest rates being lowered
  • One monthly bill
  • Harassment from lenders ceases leading to less stress day by day
  • Makes the loans easy to track
  • Helps you avoid late payments
  • Makes your finances and loans easy to manage
  • Improved psychology—enjoy peace of mind
  • No upfront charges
  • Secure and safe transactions

How To Choose The Right Consolidation Company

Do your research.  Read the reviews of your payday loan consolidation companies.  It is sad to admit that there are many payday debt relief companies that are out there that scam their customers and make them believe that they are the company that will get them out of debt the quickest.  Many times, borrowers find themselves in a bigger mess than what they find themselves in. Your due diligence in interviewing your agency when you are ready to consolidate your payday loans.

Consolidation will work for you if you are able to agree and pay you one monthly payment on time, every month.  You must not default on even one payment or the repercussions can be bigger than you can ever imagine. Your company has used all the tools necessary, even promising on your behalf that you will not miss one payment, your creditors are taking a hit through your consolidation company and will happily change their agreement and put you back to paying what you owed before you ever consolidated. Be sure that you check your reviews and find that the company of your choice has been in business for at least 5 years.  This time in which the company has operated and stayed in business shows that they have seen great results with their clients through the assistance programs they offer.

Check this list while choosing the right payday loan consolidation company:
  • Recommendations from people you know are invaluable
  • Interview your companies that you consult with
  • Read your reviews (Yelp, BBB, Google)

When you finally decide that you no longer want to suffer through the pain of lingering debt pick up the phone and find the payday loan consolidation program that works diligently at helping you get out of debt as quickly as possible.  By following these steps you will find yourself out of financial woes quicker than you could ever imagine.


Why You Need A Debt Consolidation Service

A strong debt consolidation program can save you a great deal of trouble and help you reclaim your financial stability fast. That’s what we are here to offer you. We understand your situation and we want to help you regain peace of mind knowing that you can control the future of your finances using one of our many programs.

Debt consolidation has a lot to do with your attitude towards money; how you handle your money and how your spending habits affect the future of your finances. We have helped many people plan their finances and we can show you some sound economic practices to help you manage your day to day needs, on a budget. Based on our vast experience and knowledge, we can develop a financial plan to help you manage your limited finances efficiently and to budget not just for your daily needs but for emergencies, a new car, holidays, training, property and retirement. All you need to do is contact us and let’s help you get a reliable loan debt consolidation plan.

Our Loan Debt Consolidation Services

Debt consolidation companies help you manage unsecured debts which stem from personal loans, bills and credit cards. If you are drowning in debt and feel the need to talk to a professional about your options, our debt consolidation services will be of help.

We know how high interest rates charged by your lenders can cause you sleepless nights, especially if your finances are messed up. We can help you consolidate the interest rates into a low monthly payment or help you negotiate for lower interest rates. Our debt consolidation services will also help you stop the frustrating telephone calls and letters you receive from the lenders. If your credit cards allow, we can help you transfer your debts or process a cash advance. The debt consolidation niche is a highly competitive niche. There are many companies out there trying to make names for themselves in the debt consolidation industry. We recommend that you opt for an established service with positive client references, good ratings and many years’ experience in the industry.

Consolidate Payday Loans

How To Get Started Top Find Payday Loan Relief

If you need help with payday loans, here are seven simple steps to get you started on our payday loan consolidation services.

  • Give us a call or fill the contact form on our website
  • Share with us your payday loan agreements
  • We will give you a quotation
  • Sign an agreement with us
  • We will call your lenders and negotiate on how to settle your debt.
  • Pay your loan in a single monthly payment
  • Complete the program and be debt free

Can I Go To Jail For Not Settling A Payday Loan?

No, you can’t. However, defaulting on a payday loan has severe consequences. First, lenders will submit your name and details to the regulatory agency in your state. The agency will forward your name to all lenders in your state who will then see you as a high risk debtor and may never approve your requests for loans in future. Second, defaulting will negatively affect your credit card score.

Is Payday Loan Debt Included On Chapter 7?

Chapter 7 gives you an opportunity to file for bankruptcy and consequently facilitates writing off of your unsecured payday loan debts. So unsecured payday loans are included on chapter 7. However, don’t consider filing for bankruptcy should as an immediate option because you will still have to pay off your loans once you get your finances back up.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Payday Loans I Can Get?

Not quite. It solely depends on your lenders. Lenders make independent decisions when lending money. Some will not even care to check your credit history; they’ll only consider your profile with them and if you meet their threshold for a loan they will approve your payday loan request. However, it is advisable to settle one payday loan at a time because keeping track of many debts at a time can be difficult.

Are Payday Loans Legal In All States?

No, payday loans are legal in only 28 States. The number of states legalizing payday loans is on a constant rise. You need to find out whether your state prohibits payday loans before you consider applying for one.

Can Your Salary Be Garnished To Pay Payday Loans?

No. Your payday loan is settled as per the directions you give to your bank. The bank cannot pay more or less than what you direct and the lender has no direct access to your wages. So your salary cannot be garnished to settle a payday loan.

Payday Loan

How Does Payday Loan Consolidation Work?

Payday loans are short-term loans that can be obtained to pay for unexpected expenses. Payday loans are one way to eliminate those debts. Payday loans have been popular for many years and provide a great resource of funds when they are unemployed or cannot work their salary to make ends meet. However, some dangers can lead to financial damage. Their next payday may be only a few days away, and this can cause their budget to be out of control. A person is already struggling to put food on the table for their family, and this added stress may cause problems with their mental health. A person may miss their next payday because of a lack of transportation. Other times their situation may require another type of short-term lending, such as a cash advance, but at an exorbitant cost.
If a person decides to take advantage of a payday loan to pay off their other bills, they take on risky lending practices. Payday loans are offered without regard to their credit rating and collateral. Many times, the consumer does not even receive an approval letter. They are usually given out by non-bank-based companies who write Payday loan consolidation agreements instead of traditional loans. Their credit rating is not a consideration in these agreements.

Does Payday Loan Consolidation Hurt Your Credit Score?

When a person faces an unforeseen emergency that cannot wait until their next payday, consider taking out a payday loan instead. However, be incredibly careful about how much to borrow. The amount a person borrow must be at least enough to cover all of their expenses for the period until a person receives their next check. Remember to use the payday loan to pay for those unexpected medical bills or car repairs. If a person cannot afford the payments when they are due, they will have to pay the penalties and extra charges and ruin their Credit Rating once again. This will be more financially damaging than incurring additional debts.
When a person is faced with a financial emergency, a person may also think about getting a cash advance to cover the debt. The risks of Payday loan consolidation begin with the amount of money a person is borrowing. A person must be sure that a person can repay the debt within the period specified in their agreement. Also, a person must be specific. A person understands all the terms and conditions of their agreement. If a person does not, a person runs the risk of losing the cash advances for when a person cannot pay the debt within the specified deadlines.

What Is A Non-Profit Payday Loan Consolidation Service?

The risks of Payday loan consolidation do not stop there. When a person applies for a loan, a person must provide proof of employment. Unfortunately, this proof is often not adequate, which can lead to loss of their benefits or a fee for the privilege of working. The bottom line is that a person is taking a high risk of getting into a situation that could easily land a person in jail or on the poor side of the law. Therefore, a person may want to check with their employer whether their Payday loan consolidation is a legitimate part of their work routine. The risks of payday loans are real. A person should only borrow what a person needs and will be able to pay back. If a person does not have collateral, it may be easier to get into financial trouble than cash on hand. Their best option is to carefully plan their Payday loan consolidation so that a person never finds themselves in such a position.

Payday loan consolidation is an option that should not be overlooked. The proper resources are available to help a person learn about this process. The key to success is remembering that payday loan debt settlement is an opportunity, not an obligation. Take advantage of the opportunity. If a person does so, a person will enjoy a peace of mind from knowing that a person will not be racking up large amounts of interest charges over time.
For those looking for the best Payday loan consolidation, national pay day relief is a perfect choice. Why? They provide a person with the best payday loan debt assistance. National pay day relief has been assisting consumers with their financial hardships since 2021. With their experience and proven record of accomplishment, they know what consumers are going through when paying off debts. This is why they will work with a person to get rid of their debts finally. What does it cost? A person will be paid a portion of their loan plus a little extra for their stress and anxiety.

So What Is National’s Payday Loan Relief & How Do They Help?

First, when a person applies for a national payday loan, a person must meet the eligibility requirements. Each year, the government sets specific standards to ensure that only the most vulnerable individuals are given payday assistance. If a person faces overdraft issues, late fees, over-limit charges, non-payday loans, or other high fees associated with their debt, it may qualify a person for this service. A person will need to provide proof of income and their bank account information. A person will then be assigned a lending counselor who will work directly with their creditors to get their interest rates reduced and their fees eliminated. When their loan is processed, their funds are electronically transferred to their checking or savings account, and the funds are directly deposited every day!

It’s Time To Call Us, Your Payday Loan Consolidation Company

Every payday loan consolidation company offers a free, over the phone, consultation of your financial situation.  Finding the right company is key when attempting to consolidate your payday loans. Don’t be fooled by the scammers that have found their way into the industry pretending to help people in their time of need but in the end ripping them off and leaving them in a bigger mess than the one in which they first found themselves in.  An honest company will have counselors that will analyze your debt and suggest either payday loan consolidation or payday loan settlement.

Why Choose National Pay Day Loan Consolidation?

National payday loan consolidation will help a person manage their finances better. It will simplify their repayment process and save a person time and money. This way, a person will only have one loan instead of several and one payment instead of numerous. National payday loan consolidation can help a person get out of debt, stay out of debt forever.

Payday Loan Consolidation Alternatives

How is national payday loan debt assistance different than their conventional payday loans? The most significant difference is that with national payday loan debt assistance, a person is not required to pay interest. This means that a person will never pay another cent in interest on the loan. Payday loans are meant to provide temporary financial freedom. However, if a person is constantly paying interest and straining their budget, they will eventually run up more charges and find themselves even deeper in debt. National payday loan debt assistance is designed to give a person relief from payday loans by providing a person with an unsecured loan at a low rate.

How Does A Person Get Approved For This?

Applying online is easy and quick. Once a person completes the application and has signed the loan agreement, they will be contacted with many offers to pay their bills. Accept the offer, and a person will be able to make one single payment every day until their debt is completely paid off.

What Does Payday Loan Debt Assistance Cost?

Typically, the company’s fees are affordable and well worth their peace of mind. In addition, payday loan debt assistance will provide a person with the best payday loan debt assistance available. Applying for a national payday loan is free! A person will never be asked for a Credit Check, security deposit, or any collateral. Once a person has applied online and finished the short application form, they will instantly receive their approval email. A person will then need to follow the simple directions every day until their debt is paid off. It is easy to understand how national payday loans can help a person. With one easy application, a person can pay off their credit card bills, stop harassing phone calls, and feel confident knowing that their creditors will not harass a person anymore. National payday loans are a safe, secure, and reliable way to make one quick and easy payment every day. There are no restrictions, and it is easy to access their money every day. A person never has to wait a long time to get approved, and a person can use their funds to pay down their debt. Their creditors are happy because they know a person will make their payment on time and without hassle. A person can be confident a person will always pay their bill on time because a person knows a person has national payday loan services working for a person!

Why Payday Consolidation Is The Right Choice For Debt Relief

As one can imagine, there are many reasons why people choose national payday loan services. It may be because a person has found themselves in a financial emergency, their utilities are about to be disconnected, or a person needs a little extra cash between paydays. No matter the reason, a person can be sure that this type of short-term loan will redeem quality. A person will manage their debt easier, their bills will be paid on time, and a person will never have to worry about late payments or bankruptcy again! National payday loan services are one of their best options if they are in a financial bind!