Payday Loan Settlement

Live Stress-Free By Settling Your Payday Loans

Your payments to your payday loan companies have continued to grow and you have found yourself in a world of trouble when it comes to repayment of these loans.  When the dire situation seems like there is no way out there is an option before making the choice of going into bankruptcy and ruining your credit for many years. Payday loan settlement may be an option to consider. To get out of the trap of Payday Loan Settlement will help with the harassment of creditors and get you out of debt in fewer years than it takes to repair your credit report after something as awful as a bankruptcy.

If Settling Your Payday Creditors or collection agencies seems like too scary of a task that you are just not prepared for it’s time to call a debt relief company to assist in the process.  Creditors can be intimidating when trying to negotiate debt on your own. There may be terms in which you are unfamiliar with or figures that you can’t calculate easily to decide if the settlement being offered is something you can afford.

What Is This Payday Loan Settlement About, You Ask?

Payday loan debt settlement is available to when you no longer are able to pay back your payday loans and need help with the negotiation process of your lenders. You may need assistance with determining if your debts in collections are past their statutes of limitation and help with keeping the harassing calls from continuing through cease and desist letters.  One monthly payment may help you sleep better at night. These are just a few of the many components that make payday loan settlement a great option for many Americans.

Settlement services are available to help when you have hit a wall with the negotiation process of your lenders.  You may need assistance with determining if your debts in collections are past their statutes of limitation and help with keeping the harassing calls from continuing through cease and desist letters.  One monthly payment may help you sleep better at night. These are just a few of the many components that make payday loan settlement a great option for many Americans.

The Benefits Of Our Payday Loan Settlement Program

There are many benefits to payday loan settlement.  You will pay less than what you owe when you opt for settlement because you are utilizing the expertise of the debt relief company to assist in lowering your interest rates, paying a percentage of what may be owed, and even forgive balances at a percentage of the whole amount. Your debt relief representative knows the ins and outs of the payday loan industry and knows how to keep creditors off your back.  The tactic used is very aggressive with payday loan companies and lots of times the tactics they use can even be illegal. Let your settlement company do the dirty work for you.

Your payday loan settlement company can keep you out of the courtroom by protecting you through supplemental legal services that are offered alongside their settlement programs.  There will be no need to worry about being sued by your payday loan companies no matter how many times they have convinced you in the past that they are coming after. You will not be at risk of your wages being garnished you’re alien being put against your home.

Steps that need to be taken before the settlement process

  •    Figure out all that you owe
  •    Review your state laws
  •    Check the license of the payday loan company
  •    Cancel your automatic withdrawal with your bank from your lender

Tips When Looking For A Payday Loan Settlement Company

Fee Structures

This seems like common sense to be sure of the ins and outs of any contract that you are about to sign but many have fallen victim to their own negligence of not asking the right questions.  By law settlement, companies can only charge certain fees proportional to the debt that was settled. If the company you are inquiring about isn’t following your state regulations, move to the next one.


There is a certification needed for debt settlement companies that are given by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA).  This is only given when the debt settlement company has proven that it has enough experience and knowledge about the laws pertaining to the debt settlement industry.


The businesses in which the debt settlement companies affiliate with says a lot about the company.  The more national companies the business is affiliated with shows the credibility of the company in which you are about to sign a contract within handling your payday loan settlement.


The success of previous accounts is worth its weight in gold.  Check the testimonials on the company’s website. Be sure to read all the reviews you can.  Do take into consideration that there are many bad online reviews that are due to the borrower not correctly doing their part to be sure their program works for them.  Calculate the percentage of good reviews to the bad ones.

Service Guarantee 

Service guarantees are important when choosing the right agency for your debt relief assistance.  If the company cannot help you with your debt settlement it is important to know that you should be entitled to your fees being returned.

Privacy Policy

When a payday loan settlement company provides you with a privacy policy be sure to read it. It is important to know if the company follows ethical procedures in protecting your confidential information with other companies. Third parties can utilize the information and, in the end, you can find yourself owing more money. Part of the process in applying for a debt settlement program is to disclose very personal information and you don’t want it to end up in the wrong hands.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Back A Payday Loan

In the event that you do not have the capacity to pay your payday loans and have not gone for any of the above options, then you greatly risk being subjected to legal measures. This is because you will be assumed to be deliberately defaulting.

Options If You Cannot Pay A Payday Loan

In the event that you are not in a position to have make payments and still have your basic essential costs met, then you can go for any of the following options:

a.) Debt Settlement

This is a relief method plan we use, in which an agreement is made between you and the creditors, that allows you to pay off less than what you owe in total. What usually happens with Payday Loan Debt Settlement is that the rest of your debt is often forgiven. This agreement is made between the debt settlement companies that are involved and attorneys. But you may ask yourself: How long do payday loan companies keep records to try and decipher the members who may be offered such agreements? Thing is, the records may go a way back as can be, so that they can track the members that can be offered this deal.

b.) Filing For Bankruptcy

In the event that you have tried debt settlement but it is not working, then you may consider Filing for Bankruptcy as your only option. This is mostly because it will allow you to get rid of all the eligible debts, including the payday loan debts.

Signs For Detecting Scams

Refusal To Disclose Payment Structure

Any debt settlement company that insists you sign the bottom line without knowing your payment structure is a company to run from. If there is anything that needs further questioning your representative should have no issue with explaining anything that you do not understand.

No Contract

Verbal agreements do not hold weight by any means, so if a company is not asking for an official document to be signed then this is a definite sign that you are putting yourself at risk to be scammed. A company should willingly offer you a contract that you sign and give you the opportunity to review all the terms of the agreement. If the clauses seem fair and legit then go ahead and sign the contract. 

Guarantees To Delete Negative Marks With Bureaus

By law, a company does not have the ability to erase bad credit from your credit report.  They can assist in the process of eliminating your debt that will lead to a better credit rating but any promise outside of that is a scam.  It would be time to move along and find another company. Payday loan settlement is a bit trickier to navigate than payday loan consolidation because the fees are at rates as high as 400% and fees are harder to negotiate with the lenders.  This doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. The only way to find out is to start your research today and call our expert negotiators at law today. 

How Can I Settle My Payday Loans & Get Out Of Debt?

The idea of getting payday loans is something that can be quite tempting to anyone. This is mostly because these loans are quite easily accessible irregardless of the score of your credit. Also, you are able to get access to cash to be borrowed instantly immediately over a duration that is quite short. However, the downside of these payday loans is the fact that they often come with interest rates that are very high. The immediate time you get to borrow the loan, the whole process of Payday loan debt settlement is something that may take you quite sometime. This is because of the short timeline for repayment and high fees that is involved. At times, this make it difficult to continue borrowing. The service offers credit cards, medical bills, utility bills, student loans, IRS, and bankruptcy. They also provide payday loan relief programs for home equity loans, repossessed cars, payday loans, payday loan consolidation, payday loan settlement, and mortgage. There are some factors to be considered when opting for National Pay Day Relief Help. To begin with, you have to check how genuine is the service provided by the company.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Back A Payday Loan?

The reality is that payday loan companies are not charities. They profit from the hard work and the misfortunes of ordinary Americans. As a result of this profit-seeking behavior, payday loan companies are willing to settle the total amount without an attorney, only requiring that the consumer repay their payday loans in full on or before a specified date. This approach makes sense for payday loan companies. Many people cannot afford Bankruptcy since they do not want to spend five years or more in pre-trial courtrooms. So, payday settlement is the best option, since it brings our attorneys to the playing field which achieves the best possible result to negotiate and settle all your payday loans. Payday lenders realize that the only way they can recover the funds is to negotiate directly with consumers. That is why they are particularly willing to go through us rather than attempt to pursue legal proceedings through third parties such as bankruptcy courts. Although a payday lender may resolve the debt without an attorney because the cost of hiring an attorney can be expensive. Moreover, the lenders know that we are not likely to go away quietly without an attorney.

Can You Settle A Payday Loan?

At National Pay Day Relief, we boast in offering the most effective payday loan relief programs for individuals struggling with crushing debt and aiming towards financial independence. NPDR is especially popular among its customers, who seek payday loan relief from an establishment they trust. Our payday loan help program combines debt consolidation, payday loan debt settlement & financial guidance. Our experts offer complete assistance under one roof to people grappling with debts. We aim at helping our customers reduce their debts by negotiating with their lenders while offering low-interest loans to them. In addition, we coach people on money management so that they do not fall into the same trap again. All this results in reduced debts. However, if you still want to get rid of all your unpaid bills, you can opt-in for our Payday Loan Debt Settlement Program. A credible payday loan consolidation program would consolidate your multiple debts into one loan. After this, you will be required to make one single payment. However, some payday loan providers allow borrowers to make more than one payment for their multiple debts.

How Long Do Payday Loan Companies Keep Records?

When a payday loan company settles a debt without an attorney, they typically charge ten to twenty dollars per month for negotiations. The settlement does not occur overnight. Payday loan providers can recoup most of the money owed by the borrower in a few weeks, but the time it takes to negotiate a payday loan settlement successfully is not necessarily in the borrower’s favor. So, they might not be willing to do it if they believe they will have to pay additional fees.

payday loan settlementSteps You Should Take Before Settling Your Payday Loan Debt

If you go for such services, you have to bear the additional interest charged by the lenders. An additional component to take into consideration is the cost of the services. The cost is that it is not easy to find legitimate payday loan relief companies that offer lower rates. Many individuals are not aware of these details and end up paying too much. However, if a person is well informed, he will find out the best possible deal. Before opting for debt relief services, it is essential to know whether the company can handle debts for an extended period or not. If it is available, then it is advantageous for the borrower, but if it is not, then it might be helpful to go for bankruptcy instead. You can opt for payday loans to consolidate your multiple debts into a single monthly payment through debt consolidation. If you use our debt consolidation services to pay off your unsecured debts, you will be left with one monthly payment to make towards your consolidated loan. It is advisable to go for payday loans to consolidate if you have too many bills to pay on time. However, this option requires that you first borrow a certain amount of money from a lender who will then give you a loan. You will then repay this loan along with the installments of your other debts.

What Can You Willingly Do Before Settlement

There are quite a number of ways through which you are able to make the commitment to be able to have your Payday Loan Settlement fully taken care of. Can you settle a payday loan? The direct answer is simply a big YES. There are a number of steps that you can take in order to successfully be able to achieve the latter. Discussed below in depth are some of the steps you should take before settling your payday loan debt:
Make A Disciplined Commitment Not To Borrow Any More

Make A Commitment Not To Borrow Any More

It is a very risky affair, to decide to want to take the risk of making borrowings when already having debts. This is especially in the event where you are having loans of very high interest rates, such as the payday loans. The best thing that you can do when you find yourself in such a situation is to have the cycle completely broken by committing yourself not to take any more loans. It is quite understandable however, just how difficult this may prove to be, in the event that your paycheck is really not sufficient to make all the payments that you are obligated to making. However, still it is necessary that you restrain yourself from accruing any more debts. The best way by which you are able to ensure that you do not make any more borrowings is to draw a very detailed budget on the expenditures that you often use. Figure out how much exactly your income for each month is, and make a summation of all the spending that you need for basic survival. You need to make an informed decision to ensure that the amount you use on the spending expenditures does not go above the income you are making. This will thus go a long way in ensuring that you make so much cut on your budget, such that you will not end up needing any debts whatsoever.

Make A Request To Set Up A Payment Plan

With the payday loans and interest rates being quite high, it may be quite difficult to make all the obligated payments, and still be in a position to meet your basic needs. However, you can have access to different plans that can go a long way in making sure that things are quite easy for you. There are some states for instance, that allow for their lenders have payday loan relief plans that allow for extended time. This way, you are easily able to have your repayment period stretched out, and pay comfortably, without having to incur more fees and penalties that may be an addition. Most of these laws tend to vary depending on different states, and the payday loan lender may decide to charge you little fees, before allowing you to enter into a repayment loan plan arrangement. You can however confirm the exact laws that are in use in your state by having a look at the National Conference of State Legislatures that are in charge of governing some laws.
Make A Request To Set Up A Payment Plan
Transfer Your Payday Loans To Another Debt With Lower Interest Rates

Transfer Your Payday Loans To Another Loan With Lower Rates

There are quite a number of debt options that come with lower rates in comparison to the payday loans. What you can do therefore is to go for alternative loans that are given by most of the credit unions, so that you can use it to quickly pay off to completion; your existent payday loan. Also, you could decide to go for the option of applying for a personal loan with an online lender bank or even go for a loan from friends or family.
If you are able to get a personal from whatever sources among the aforementioned, then you stand a higher chance of being able to have reduced interest and the overall rates of borrowing will also be much lower. Also, with this new alternative friendly loan, you are able to have the principal balance of your payday loan reduced, hence ensuring that you have your debt slashed down.

Make Extra Payments On The Debt Of Your Payday Loan

If you are really serious about getting your payday loan settled eventfully, then you will have to make extra efforts in making extra payments. The advantage about making of extra payments is the fact that it will cost you way less; at the end of the day, in eventually having your debt settled off. The idea of making extra payments on your payday loan often reduces the balance at a more faster rate, because all the extra payments are channeled towards the principal.
Also, the more and more you get to have your balance reduced, the less the amount you will end up paying up as interest, since it will be charged at a considerably lower rate. This is one of the most viable options in case you are asking yourself the question: How can I settle my payday loans and get out of debt.
payday loan national relief

Other Options If You Can Not Pay A Payday Loan?

In addition, payday loan companies are well aware that the courts provide exceptional protection for payday loan providers against their competitors. Many states provide preemptive damages and other legal protections for payday loan companies. We believe that payday loan companies should be regulated like other traditional business corporations. Regulating payday loan companies give us a way to ensure that payday loan companies only deal with legitimate businesses and individuals and are held accountable for their actions by the government. It also gives us a way to protect consumers from fraudulent transactions and predatory lending practices. The recommended regulations would go a long way in the direction of ensuring that consumers get the fair deal they deserve when dealing with payday loan providers. These days, it seems like everyone these days is looking for the proper debt relief process to get out of their financial mess, and there are hundreds of choices available. You could go with Debt Consolidation, or you could opt for Bankruptcy, but most people who try these options had found themselves in worse trouble than they were when they first started. The key to paying out of debt is negotiating with your creditors and taking stock of your current financial situation before you do anything. If you have enough money to make payments on your bills each month, and you have an understanding with your creditors as to what you can afford, then you should not need to work at reducing debts any further.

Easily Settle Your Payday Loans With Us!

Payday settlements and payday loan consolidation programs are available to thousands of Americans, but they can be challenging to obtain. Unfortunately, payday loan companies and their attorneys do not want you to know about these opportunities. The reason is that these services and programs are quite profitable for these institutions, and they would like you to believe that these opportunities are not available to you. In order to get the most competitive loan settlement or payday loan consolidation program possible, you need to have strong cooperation and negotiation skills. It is possible to obtain a loan settlement without an attorney. However, most people who are served with payday loan advertisements do not realize that the initial sign of the lawsuit could mean a problematic and expensive payday loan consolidation program or settlement. These advertisements often suggest that consumers can receive 100% reductions on their debt without an attorney. This is simply untrue.

Getting Started With Your Debt Relief Journey

In order to start the debt relief process, you need to have enough money to meet all your current bills and some extra money to make sure you do not run up any new bills once you are already in debt. Take stock of your current situation before making any plans because this will help you negotiate with your creditors. If you feel like you can no longer handle your current obligations or more left on the table than you currently realize, you might want to negotiate with your creditors to reduce your total amount owed. Ask them to reduce your interest rate, increase your loan balance, or even take it all away. Nevertheless, if you believe that you can no longer handle your current obligations or that there is nothing left for you to eliminate, then it is time to consider whether or not you should file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy will prevent you from filing future claims against your creditors, but it will also prevent you from gaining financial stability. Ask an experienced debt relief attorney for help in deciding whether or not you should file for bankruptcy. If you can avoid bankruptcy, you will better rebuild your credit and financial future.
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