What Is Payday Loan Consolidation?PAYDAY LOAN CONSOLIDATION

When considering this option, some people may ask, what is payday loan consolidation? It’s a type of financing that allows you to bundle all of the payday loan debt into one loan which allows you to better manage the debt by only making one single flexible payment. With our Payday Loan Debt Relief Process, individuals will be able to have more control with their finances and have an easier time eliminating this high interest debt.

There are times when a person may take out a lot of payday loans and then get themselves in a lot of high interest debt. As a result, they struggle to keep up with the payments and stay on top of their financial obligations. Payday loan consolidation can help you handle this situation easily to eventually get out of debt.


During the process of finding out how to address your payday loan debt, it is a good idea to first determine when you plan on consolidating payday loan debt. The best time to address your payday loan debt is when you have difficulty keeping up with the payments. As soon as you find out that the payments are interfering with your ability to pay for your other expenses such as housing and transportation, then it will be an ideal time for consolidating payday loan debt. Once you decide to consolidate payday loans, then you will take the first step in getting your debt under control.


There are many ways in which you can consolidate payday loans. One of the ways in which you can consolidate your payday loans is to take advantage of our payday loan relief program. Using a payday loan relief program allows you to follow a few steps in addressing your payday loan debt and then making progress towards eliminating it. Some of the steps in this type or program includes receiving debt counseling, applying for the loan, receiving the loan to pay off the existing debt and then begin making payments on the loan. This allows consumers to eliminate the debt on more favorable terms.

Consider Multiple Ways of Consolidating

before consolidating your payday loan debt you need to evaluate ways in which you can consolidate it. There are plenty of ways in which you can better manage this type of debt. Some of the options that you can look into include using a personal loan or transferring credit card balances. Once you consider the options available, you can then choose one that best meets your needs and get started in eliminating your payday loan debt.

• Get Pre Qualified if Possible

The first step in the process of consolidating your payday loans is to get pre qualified as soon as you can. During this process, you will need to apply for the consolidation loan and make sure that meet all of the credit rating and income criteria required to get the loan. Once you are pre qualified for a debt consolidation loan, then you will need to take the next step in applying for it.

• Submit an Application

Once you pre qualify for the debt consolidation loan, you then need to fill out and submit the application. This is a simple process in which you fill out a form online and then submit it to a lender or National Payday Relief. On the application, you will just need to provide your name and other personal information, your income and address. After going over the application, the lender will then decided to either approve or reject your application.

• Get Funds When Approved

After submitting your application and getting it approved, you will then receive the funds. Shortly after you are notified of the approval, you will then get the funding in your bank account. The lender may provide the funds to the payday lender to pay off the debt and then require that you make payments on the loan it just gave you. With funding approved, you can begin to pay off your debt and achieve more financial independence once the loan is paid off in full.

• Pay Off the Payday Loans

The final step in addressing your payday loan debt is to begin making the payments on the loan. Like all other types of loans, a consolidation loan will require you to make a payment each month to make progress towards eliminating the total loan amount. The main advantage of this type of loan is that it has a lower interest rate and will therefore allow you to make a payment each month that is much more affordable.


Whenever you are looking into Payday Loan Consolidation , there are a number of options that you will want to consider. These options give you a variety of ways to get funding and begin paying off the balance. Options such as personal loans, home equity loans and home equity lines of credit give you a few good ways to pay off the payday loan debt and begin making payments on a more affordable loan.

• Personal Loans

One of the most common options that you can use to pay off your payday loans is a personal loan. This is often used when looking to consolidate credit card debt. A personal loan is given to you so that you can pay certain expenses. Most personal loans are used to pay for medical expenses or home improvement costs. However, personal loans can also be used to pay off payday loan debt and then enable you to pay a new loan over time.

• Balance Transfer Credit Card

Another option that you can take advantage of when looking to consolidate your payday loan debt is to use get a balance transfer credit card. This is a credit card in which you can transfer the balance to pay off the payday loans. While this can be a convenient way to pay off payday loan debt, it is important to make sure you use a card with a low interest rate. This will enable you to get rid of the debt and have more affordable monthly payments in the future.

• Home Equity Loan

Whenever you are looking to consolidate payday loan debt, you can also look into getting a home equity loan. This option consists of receiving a loan in the amount of your home’s equity. In other words, you apply for a loan based on the amount of equity you have in the home. For example, if you have $15,000 in equity in your home, you can apply for a loan up to this amount to pay off the debt. A home equity loan will provide you with not only a way to pay off the payday loan debt, but also allow you to pay back a loan with some of the lowest interest rates available.

• Home Equity Line Of Credit

Another option that you can use in relation to your home’s equity is a line of credit. This is a type of financing that is given to you based on the amount of equity in your home. So instead of receiving a loan, you get a credit line that is equal to the amount of equity you have in the home. This will allow you to pay off the payday loan debt and then make payments on the credit line in the future at a lower interest rate.


There are a number of benefits that you will get whenever you consolidate a payday loan. These benefits include saving money, getting a longer time to pay off the debt and also making only one monthly payment. With these benefits, consolidating payday loans will make it easier to get rid of this high interest debt.

• Saving Money

Consolidating payday loan debt allows you to avoid paying more to eliminate the debt. Since you can make lower payments each month, you will not pay nearly as much money over time as a regular payday loan on its current terms.

• Longer Payment Term

There is also a longer payment term with a payday loan consolidation. You will be able to make payments each month over a span of a few years rather than a few weeks. This will help you make the debt easier to manage.

• One Payment

As one single loan, you will just need to make one payment during each month. So instead of making payments on multiple loans, you can narrow this down to only one on a regular basis. With one monthly payment, you can more easily track your debt and progress towards eliminating it.


Whenever you are looking to find a way to better manage your debt, payday loan debt consolidation is an ideal option. Anyone interested in finding a way to manage their payday loan debt will benefit by contacting NPDR today. The services that National Pay Day Relief provides help for consumers who are looking to get out of payday loan debt. So contact National Pay Day Relief today to find out more on how you can use debt consolidation to get out of payday loan debt soon.